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Rapid Resolution Therapy, or RRT, is a strength-based, multi-level communication (meaning I will communicate in a way that will make sense to both your conscious and subconscious mind), effect driven approach that uses guided imagery, meditation, and specific language to help guide effective and lasting change within automatic thoughts and emotions.

RRT was developed by Dr. Jon Connelly as a model for healing painful emotions or past trauma. RRT is rooted in the belief that our subconscious mind holds onto painful or disturbing experiences as a way to try to protect our current selves. As the subconscious becomes aware that the painful event is no longer happening, it no longer needs to be addressed – nothing needs to be done! With this shift in perspective, more space is created for living a life of peace and clarity.

A helpful metaphor in understanding this process is imagining your brain as a computer. If the computer was running slow, you would begin by closing down old programs that are no longer useful so that computer space and energy can be freed for increased opportunity for data processing – in the case of an RRT session, increased energy movement to provide an opportunity for clarity and healing.

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The energy movement is particularly helpful when dealing with stuckness. Maybe you’ve been ‘working on yourself’ for years but still feel stuck in a negative experience or emotion. Or perhaps you’ve spent years working on healing from trauma. RRT often acts as an ancillary service, as most people see lasting positive effects within 1-3 sessions! This means you can receive RRT and then continue working with your primary therapist after gaining a sense of clarity and freedom from what caused your ‘stuckness.’

I have attended over 70 hours of training with Dr. Connelley and am continuing to engage in ongoing education and training to continue to learn and grow as a healer! 

If RRT sounds like something that may be interesting and helpful for you, please reach out and I would love to meet with you to cause healing shifts that will be lasting and meaningful! 

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Overcome Anxiety

Things may feel overwhelming at times, but that doesn't mean these things have to overtake your life. We will work together, working to control your anxiety, for you to feel cool, calm, and in control when life throws curveballs your way.

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Recover from Trauma

Painful experiences happen, but that doesn't mean they define you. I'll make sure you are able to stay present in the moment and no longer experience painful emotions from what has happened so you can live life to the fullest!

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Heal from Grief

Grief can be confusing and at times overwhelming. Together, we will navigate grief in order for you to continue to experience ongoing love from your loved one. They may no longer be with you physically, but their soul will always be with you. 

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Rapid Resolution Therapy

Rapid Resolution Therapy is used to heal painful memories, experiences, and emotions quickly and painlessly! To learn more about he power of RRT, check out the link below.

What’s Next?

1. Let’s chat.

Connect with me today for a free 15-minute consultation. Nothing is more important than feeling comfortable with the therapist you choose. I’ll answer any questions you have so you can be sure I’m the right person for you and we’ll work well together.

2. Invest in yourself.

Join me weekly or biweekly to get to the root of the problems you’re experiencingTogether, we’ll work on finding practical tools that are just right for you and healing wounds so you can move forward in the way you choose.

3. Know that you can be okay being okay.

Finally feel good about yourself knowing that you don’t have to be stuck repeating those old patterns. Find out what it’s like to have choices as you learn to respond rather than react to whatever life throws at you.

Together, we’ll work on finding practical tools that are just right for you so you can move forward in the way that’s right for you.